The Zumbo Academy is now enrolling!


I love Adriano Zumbo. I mean, I really love him. So much so that I have a ‘I heart Zumbo’ t-shirt, have met him in person and I am in the possession of a personally signed copy of Zumbarons. Since visiting his dessert train in Sydney last month, I haven’t had a macaron and for a good reason. They were the best I have ever tasted. Ever. I am still craving the salted popcorn and finger bun variety because they were that good. Today I found out the 2014 schedule for the newly created Zumbo Academy and I fell even more in love. Imagine being able to have a full day with the macaron man, learning everything there is to know about the world of sweet treats?! The hardest part would be choosing what class to take but I would happily salivate over all the choices or go to any one of them for that matter. I am certainly putting this on my things to do in 2014 list, Zumbo I am coming!

Stay hungry,



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