Café Exploring | Flowers of the World


Today I visited one of my favourite little places to eat in the city, Flowers of the World. Decked out in some of the loveliest blooms you will find around town, the boutique florist, gift store and café combination works on so many levels. Whether you choose to dine in the cosy surrounds of the cushioned chairs upstairs or alfresco outside along the sidewalk, Flowers of the World is one of the sweetest spaces you will find along Little Stanley Street. A wonderful organic blend of coffee is only the start of what scrumptious things you can find if you venture to this gem.

After contemplating for several long minutes about what to order and making my way towards the dessert counter, I devoured one of the best lemon delicious slices I have ever had. Envisage a crisp lemony pastry base, sublime lemon curd all topped with coconut shavings and low and behold you have one of my most favourite flavour combinations. The best part? All of the cabinet items, sweet and savoury are made on premises and are 100% organic prepared with local ingredients! Delish.

While we are in the area, Little Stanley Street has a wonderful foodie adventure promo on at the moment. Simply grab a culinary passport (like in my photo!) and visit one of the many establishments featured inside to win a bunch of scrumptious prizes. I really love the idea and the passport is super adorbs!

Stay hungry,



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