Café Exploring | bean.


I don’t know if I should admit this.. but I will. I have only recently joined the hot coffee band wagon. There I said it. However when I say recently, I mean I’ve been on it for a good year or so now so let’s just pretend I never wasn’t on it and we will continue to talk about coffee.

Don’t get me wrong I love myself an iced-coffee but I have grown to really love a hot steaming caffeinated beverage, especially at cute little spots secluded from the hustle and bustle of the city. Today, I did just that with the help of one of my lovely friends, Trix! Before our DIY craft workshop we stumbled upon a little place called bean. Found on George Street, bean. is a charming little space doubling as a gallery/studio that screams all sorts of cool. As you approach the laneway you will be greeted with all kinds of neat graffiti (of the cool artsy variety!) If you venture even further down you will eventually find yourself in a bunker type style of setup complete with astro turf and that’s you know you have found a good spot.

The walls are laden with cute prints from local artists and the decor is just as sweet. What really caught my eye however was the stack of old school board games. We didn’t have time to play today but I for one, need to go back and have a game or two of Scrabble. Oh, and I should probably tell you about the coffee. Well to sum it up, it’s probably one of the best I have had in a while. Probably because it was brewed with Campos, my favourite! A rich deep crema mixed with perfectly frothed milk, delicious!

bean. is certainly one of many hidden gems in the city.I definitely recommend checking it out if like me, you love quirky little spots with a great brew!

Stay hungry,



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