Neat Eats | Nitrogenie, the coolest ice-cream ever.. literally!

Ice-cream is one of those sweet treats you can just love and love and love. And if you don’t love it you should probably stop reading this right now. Who doesn’t like ice-cream though?! Exactly, read on.

It’s the perfect thing to eat on a hot summers day, when you are feeling happy, a little sad, overwhelmed, procrastinating or any time of day or night really. So just when you thought ice-cream couldn’t get any cooler (excuse the bad food pun!) it did! I had my first Nitrogenie experience yesterday and this ice-cream was out of this world! 

As the name suggests, Nitrogenie is ice-cream is made from liquid nitrogen combined with an assortment of creative flavours and textures. If a good dozen of shiny white MixMasters didn’t lure me into this quirky store then the menu certainly did. Let’s face it, choosing an ice-cream flavour is harder than choosing whether to have a large or a regular cup or even a cone. What makes it even harder still, is if you are tempted with six or so flavours that all sound delectable (Try, Salty Caramel Popcorn!) and were matched with the cutest names (How adorbs is Nutella Ella Ella?) For me, I couldn’t go past Lemon Meringue Pie, one of my favourite desserts. In ice-cream form? I was sold. After waiting so long to try it, I had very high hopes for this creamy concoction mixed in front of my eyes. Much to my delight the end product was AMAZING! 

I certainly felt like I was eating a bit of Heston magic, let me try and paint a picture for you. The bottom of the cup was filled with a crumbly biscuit base then topped with a luscious and perfectly sweet lemon ice-cream. For the full pie effect, the ice-cream was then piped with whipped meringue and finished off toasted with a blowtorch. Delicious! It honestly tasted just like a Lemon Meringue Pie, only cooler. So impressed! 

I can’t wait to go back and eat my way through the menu of delicious other flavours, they even change daily! The Nitro-Burger, ice-cream sandwiched between two macarons is also on my to-try list.

So if you love ice-cream and you think science is pretty cool too you must try Nitrogenie, you won’t be disappointed! Nitrogenie has stores across the state but if you are in Brisbane you can find it in Stanley Street Plaza at South Bank across from Max Brenner. 

Stay hungry, 



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