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There is something about laneway cafés that I just can’t get enough of. I’m not sure whether it is the idea of being perched above or below the city or even dining on the side of what once was probably a bustling little street. Or maybe it’s because they make such good use of the space and are usually brimming with loveliness with just the right amount of hipster charm, delicious eats and surprises around every corner. Whatever it is, I absolutely love laneway spaces and Brisbane is fast becoming full of them. Today with the ever lovely Phoebe (founder and producer of The Kitchenet, keep an eye out for that!) I had the pleasure of dining at Felix Espresso in Burnett Lane.

Secluded away from the bustling street, Felix is truly a hidden gem. After walking the length of the laneway, we eventually came across a chalkboard sign which led us into the cosy little store. I have in fact had my eye on this spot for a while and it certainly was as wonderful as I hoped it would be! Let me try and tell you why.

1. Giant clouds adorning the feature wall, simply adorbs.

2. A simplistic yet wholesome menu, perfect for any time of the day. Now I am not a wholefoods junkie but the range of ‘raw’ salads and other treats on offer were simply brill! I tried a carrot, corn and coconut number which was lovingly spread with cashew dressing and served with warm bread. Believe me when I say, it was truly scrumptious! With such simple fresh ingredients, the flavour combinations work a treat! The vegans of Brisbane are also well catered for with sweet treats like cashew and coconut cheesecake and fruit and chia cups on offer. I also spyed some freshly baked vegan cupcakes with mango frosting, yum!

3. Organic coffee, double tick. Served in the sweetest teal cups, Felix serves a blend sourced from Woolloongabba locals Cup Roastery. Non-coffee drinkers aren’t forgotten either with organic brews and raw smoothies on site.

4. Decor, decor, decor. The seating is cosy with a large sharing table, a bench overlooking the laneway and an assortment of small tables. Fresh flowers and mason jar lights are also on show with plenty of cushions to add to the homely vibe. Cookbooks and local magazines are also readily available to read.

So while I feel like I could never have a favourite café (let’s face it, there are way too many to choose from!) Felix is certainly  one of sweetest all round spots in the city I have visited to date. I will certainly be back again  very soon to enjoy more scrumptious treats among the clouds!

Stay hungry,



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