It’s official, Jamie’s Italian is coming to Bris!


EEEEEEPDKSHDSDHLSHDKJAHDKHAKJOMGEAFNKHDSLKSDHSLDHLOMGOMGOMGSERP. Followed by a long obsessive foodie fangirl high pitched squeal and a lot of OMG’s.

The above is literally my reaction ( in a somewhat comprehensible word form) when I found out Jamie’s Italian is OFFICIALLY coming to Brisbane.

It’s happening. I can’t believe it. Brisbane is being graced with the presence of one of my favourite foodies and culinary heroes. Automatically these thoughts pop into my head. What if he comes to the launch?! What if I can get a job there?! Who am I kidding. I WILL DO ANYTHING TO GET A JOB THERE AND I WILL BE AT THE LAUNCH! While not much is known at this stage, The Courier Mail reports Jamie’s Italian, the fifth in the country to bear the name, will open its doors in the heritage-listed Rowes Arcade site on Edward St this year.The 240-seat, multi-level restaurant, at the end of the Queen St Mall, will also feature an 80-seat bar as well as an abundance of simple, wholesome and rustic food. I am now salivating as I reminisce on the amazing meals I had at Jamie’s Italian in Sydney. Brisbane is in for a treat.

In what will be Jamie Oliver’s biggest Australian restaurant to date, sources also say the menu will be tailored specifically for local tastes, habits and ingredients.

Well what can I say, Mr O I love you even more and I simply cannot wait to wine and dine at your restaurant when you finally get here. I am beyond excited and craving Italian right now.

Stay hungry,



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