Café Exploring | Merriweather


Well, well, well. South Brisbane has yet ANOTHER gem to add to it’s already extensive list of neat eats. Situated only a short walk away from the hub of South Bank sits Merriweather, a charming little cafe with a big heart.

At Merriweather, seasonal and simple food is done exceptionally well. The menu is jam packed with delicious flavour combinations that are perfect for breakfast and/or lunch while coffee is served from Cup in Wooloongabba. I have to say my cappuccino was delightful. With no chocolate powder in sight, dark cocoa flakes were sprinkled on top which melted down into the coffee creating a mouthwatering brew! As for our meal, I had a hard time choosing between a few of my favourite things yet I did not let avo on toast get to me this time. Instead I opted for sweet corn cakes which were light and fluffy and perfectly matched with a clean tri-colour tomato + basil salad, poached eggs and a good smear of roasted garlic aioli. Other options that caught my eye included, zucchini and halloumi fritters with labna, spinach, picked eggplant and eggs or house-made crumpets with honeyed ricotta and roasted macadamias. I know right, how could I possibly choose?!

Last but not least, the decor. I am a sucker for a good font and I must say Merriweather has excelled from everything down to it’s business cards. With a teal color scheme, alfresco dining on small wooden stools is popular with minimal seating inside. A breakfast style bar and a bench adjoining onto the coffee machine area all add to the casual yet welcoming vibe. With plenty of quirky plants adorning the tables and vintage water bottles, menus are served on clipboards and a well stoked display cabinets also features freshly made sandwiches, cakes and pastries. Ticks all round, I say!

With talk of a rooftop garden above the store to grow fresh produce, Merriweather is a perfect little spot for fantastic food that is not as far away from the city as you would think. With a menu that oozes love, care and compassion, Merriweather is certainly one to watch out for as the café scene grows in Brisbane.

Love your work Merriweather, I’ll be back!

Stay hungry,



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