Brie Mine?

ImageThis Valentine’s Day many of us will spend the evening gazing lovingly at that special someone while at a vastly packed restaurant. Maybe you will order spaghetti and try the ol’ Lady and the Tramp move? Or maybe you will just indulge in a decadent rich chocolate number. With two spoons of course. Some of us will spend the night watching rom coms and some of us will console with our very good friends Ben and Jerry. Either way, on V-Day food will always win my heart.

Feb 14 is also a perfectly good day to sit back and take in all the delightfully delicious  food puns going around. So to keep the love flowing, I thought I would share a couple of my favourites.


1. Ryan Cosling, lettuce has never looked better.


2. Brie, glorious brie. If I could marry cheese in general I probably would.


3. Honestly, I couldn’t if I fried.


4. Olive you too.

Image5. A latte of coffee love right there.

So wherever you are and whatever you are doing this V-Day, I hope it’s full of love and more importantly delicious food!

Stay hungry,



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