Neat Eats | Boomf Mallows


In a technology filled world, let’s face it. We’re a sucker for taking photos of anything and everything. I for one, am guilty, so very guilty. I love taking photos of pretty much everything. Selfies are fun and so are panoramas but my food and what I make are at the top of my must-take-a photo list. So yes, you probably guessed it. I love Instagram.

While I love taking/admiring/salivating/searching for food photos I am always on the look out for weird and wonderful foodie fun, preferably with some photo-worthy connection. Today I discovered the concept of having your Instagram photos printed on marshmallows! I’m serious. The idea actually exists. Low and behold we have Boomf Magical Mallows. You may be thinking why the slightly strange name? I was at first too. According to the creators the term ‘boomf’ is the sound of the mallows landing on your doormat. Pretty neat, huh?  Talk about sounding tasty as well. The tiny treats are naturally flavoured with vanilla and are also gluten-free!

So how does it work? Well you can pick any photo you like to transfer onto a little pillows of goodness. A selfie, a picture of your pet, your fave book, a nature shot.. you name it and anything you can snap on Insta can be done. Each Boomf is 4x4cm, comes in a pack of nine and will last for 6 months in their packaging or 3-5 days once opened. Best of all Boomf ship worldwide and for free! The standard price everywhere is £12 or approximately $20.

So when you are stuck for a fun foodie gift why not give these a whirl. Not only will they look super impressive but you can theme them and create a super sweet (literally!) present for almost anyone. Who wouldn’t love seeing their face or yours on a marshmallow? Exactly.

So what are you waiting for? Get snapping and head on over to for more tasty info about how to order. I may or may not have already started placing mine…#marshmallowlove.

Stay hungry,



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