Zumbo teams with Tim Tam!


It’s a match made in dessert heaven. Adriano Zumbo and our beloved choccie biscuit, the Tim Tam. 2014 will see the two join forces as our iconic dunker turns the big five oh. Five decades  of putting a smile on our faces, muddying our cups of milk and quite frankly causing family disputes when only one remains.

The humble Tim Tam was created in 1964 by Arnott’s director of food technology Ian Norris. Since it’s development, the little brown biscuit has become one of our most iconic sweet treats, inspiring love beyond reason in almost every Australian home. Incidentally, we as a nation consume over 45 million packets annually. That is a lot of biscuits! In perspective, it’s actually enough to span from Sydney to Ayers Rock and back again, if you laid every Tim Tam out in a row.

So to celebrate, the macaron maestro himself has come up with three new limited edition flavours- raspberry white chocolate, salted caramel and choc brownie. Yum! Growing up in Sydney and with plenty of Tim Tams, Zumbo said “It’s an honour to work with such an iconic brand…there were some flavours that didn’t work though, you’ve got to keep it quite simple. You can’t go too crazy.” Crazy flavours or no crazy flavours, I am sure whatever Zumbo creates will be absolutely scrumptious!

So want to get your mits on some? Here in Brisbane we can expect to see these limited edition Tim Tams in Coles, Woolies and selected independent grocers in “treat packs” from March. If you are lucky enough to live in Sydney or Melbs, Zumbo’s dessert restaurants will offer preview taste-tasting sessions at the end of this month. I for one, cannot wait to try them!

Stay hungry,



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