Stack em’ up, Happy Pancake Day!


Mmm, pancakes. What is not to love about these fluffy cakes of goodness. When done right, they are delightfully good laden with lashings of maple syrup, butter or other scrumptious toppings. In what I call the bigger sister to the crepe, pancakes have long been a fave sweet or savoury treat for almost any time of day however if you nail a stodgy one, they are not the most pleasant of things to eat. Let’s not think about those and go back to lashings of butter and maple syrup. 

More officially known as Shrove Tuesday, traditionally ‘Pancake Day’ saw people eat pancakes to use up all their extra food prior to Lent. Not a bad way to use up leftovers I say. So how is Pancake Day celebrated all over the world? Let’s take a quick trip and find out. 

  • In Brazil, as well as Portuguese, Spanish and Italian-speaking countries, it is celebrated as Carnival, deriving from the words carne levare meaning to “take away meat”. It is often celebrated with colourful a procession, music and fancy dress. The most famous event is the Brazilian Carnival in Rio de Janeiro.

  • Venetians in Italy celebrate with an elaborate masquerade. No pancakes in sight!

  • In Poland the day is sometimes called Paczki Day, which translates as Doughnut Day. Paczki-eating contests take place, alongside music and the consumption of other traditional Polish foods.

  • In Sweden, the day is called Fettisdagen and is celebrated with the delicious Semla Bun – a white bun, flavoured with cardamom and filled with whipped cream and almond paste.

Delicious all round, I hope you have had a flippin’ good day! 

Stay hungry,






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