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Chocolate. Whether you love crave milk, devour dark or savour white, there is no denying the Mayans and Aztecs were on to something when they stumbled upon the humble cacao bean and created one of the world’s most loved indulgences. Each mouthful is a sensory journey revealing unique flavours and textures that cause your tastebuds to stand to attention.

So no, I haven’t taken a holiday to Noosa (I wish!) Instead I thought it was time to introduce to you to the sweetest (literally) little company you will find, the Noosa Chocolate Factory. Here in Brisbane, NCF has two adorable stores; one on 144 Adelaide Street that stocks a ridiculous amount of their famous rocky road (homemade strawberry jelly and marshmallow!)  and various other choccie covered delights. Down the street a little at 156 Adelaide Street, The Dark Chocolatier houses a smaller selection of chocolate goodies for purchase but is just as worthy a visit for the mouth-watering beverages on offer. With options ranging from coffee using Fonzie Abbott Espresso to naturally brewed sodas and ciders, the real stars of the show in my opinion are the amazingly wonderful hot chocolates. Think Turkish Delight flavoured, Coconut Rough, Rocky Road or 36, 73 or 90% dark. Heaven! Melted down and mixed with frothed milk, the combination is a perfect mix of bitterness and sweetness. Iced chocolates are also on the menu too for those hot days where coffee just won’t do.

So what makes Noosa’s chocolate different and so much better than any other varieties out there?  Let’s face it, there is a whole heap. Well it gives me great pleasure to report that all products are 100% vegan AND 100% palm oil free. The dark chocolate is even dairy-free too! I promise you this is the healthiest, most ethical and indulgent chocolate around town. Think about it, if it’s healthy that means we can consume more right? Totally.

So I know this is a a big call but I’m going to say it’s probably my fave hot choc in Bris. Locally produced, sustainable and mighty delicious, it really doesn’t get much sweeter than that. Your body, planet and taste buds will thank you for choosing it too!

Stay hungry,



2 thoughts on “Neat Eats | Noosa Choc Factory

  1. I live in Brisbane but I don’t get out much so I didn’t know that NCF had stores in Brisbane now. I’ll have to check it out. Thanks so much for sharing!

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