Café Exploring | The Three Monkeys Coffee and Tea House


Located off Boundary Road on Mollison Street in West End is one of Brisbane’s most popular go-to spots for guaranteed delicious eats, The Three Monkeys Coffee and Tea House. Through the cake-vine I have heard this little spot is reliable, versatile and somehow always manages to give you what you want. It’s perfect for meeting a crowd of friends, looking for some alone time or just, like we did, devour a whole heap of cake.

Established in 1990, the little nook offers an array of novelty eats from chai lattes in a bowl to a range of mediterranean-inspired lunch (or dinner) options and a truly ah-ma-zing selection of cakes. Despite being a flexible fit to whatever your rendezvous, it’s really a place you go to for the atmosphere. The wooden decor, worn rugs, carved memorabilia, low-lighting and cosy hidey-holes make it the perfect coffeehouse to read a book, do some assignment-ing or simply enjoy catch-ups with friends. You can also help yourself to a classic board game (chess or backgammon anyone?) and a warm, cosy, surrounding without invading any one else’s personal space. Feeling stuffy? Step out into the courtyard for a little vitamin D.

After a jam packed day at uni, my best foodie friend and I were going out for one thing and one thing only. CAKE! Not just one type either. After staring at the cabinet (it’s a sweet haven of goodness) for a good 20 mins we opted for a rich Jaffa variety and one of my personal favourite flavour combos, Lemon and Lime in cheesecake form. Let me tell you, this was some of the best cake I have ever had! (despite the cake coma I suffered afterwards). So worth it! Sweet, moist, light and perfectly layered with frosting, these cakes were stellar sweet treats. I can see why so many people rave about this place even if it’s just for the cake!

So if you are seeking a cosy little spot laden with charm AND the most scrumptious cakes around town make sure you check out The Three Monkeys, I promise you won’t see, speak or hear any evil!

Stay hungry,



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