The Fat Duck is flying south for the winter, hello Heston!


It’s the news that makes foodies cry tears of joy. Heston is making his way Down Under.

When it comes to culinary royalty, it doesn’t get much bigger, better or bolder than Heston Blumenthal. Today the creative genus confirmed that his world famous Fat Duck restaurant will close in Bray for 6 months and be relocated to Crown in our very own foodie capital, Melbourne. Now hopefully you are still with me, take a deep breath and continue to fan yourself with your Heston cook-book.

Describing it as “the furthest migration any duck has made, particularly a fat one”, Mr Blumenthal has revealed his plan  would not be a ‘pop-up’ restaurant and that after the six-month sojourn, the venue would be renamed Dinner by Heston Blumenthal.

So what does this extraordinary venture entail apart from a whole heap of gastronomic excitement? Well, the restaurant’s entire staff will move to Melbourne for the lavish relaunch and elements of the three Michelin star venue will be incorporated at the new Southbank site in February 2015.Blumenthal, as widely known for his geeky edible science experiments as for his cooking, said he would bring the Fat Duck’s tasting menu to Melbs including signature pieces such as snail porridge, the “sound of the sea” seafood dish, which is accompanied by an iPod inside a seashell playing seaside sound effects and bacon and egg icecream.

Nabbing a seat in The Fat Duck is often impossible and for good reason. In the UK, waiting lists are created often 6 months to a year in advance. But I have hope. Bookings for The Fat Duck Melbourne will open in September and a waiting list is set to feature on the Crown website in the coming months.

First Jamie’s Italian in Bris now Heston in Melbs – I knew this year was going to be utterly delicious! Dining at The Fat Duck and tasting Heston’s creations is something that has always been on my ultimate foodie bucket list. Now I’m closer than ever to achieving this dream, thank-you Heston!

Stay hungry,



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