Easter or Feaster? Hop to it!


One of my favourite things about Easter is you guessed it, the food! From fresh fish to hearty hot cross buns and all the chocolate in between, Easter is yet another excuse for us to properly indulge in a 4 day feast. Easter? More like Feaster I say. Not only can you concoct lots of chocolatey baked goods (because it is perfectly acceptably to do so!) but many of the items that you end up with after make for great baking and cooking ingredients. You’re in luck especially if you score some extra dark chocolate or any flavoured, gooey caramel varieties from our furry friend E.B.

So what am I baking/eating/devouring this Easter?

Hot Cross Buns | Seriously. How can you have Easter without them? Much to my foodie friend’s dismay I actually prefer the fruitless variety. This year though I am trying my hand at some caramel and sticky date ones, yum!

Cupcakes | Let’s be honest. Cupcakes are good for any occasion. At Easter I like to make a carrot cake (rabbit inspired!) or citrus variety to balance out the sweetness of all the chocolate that we will (don’t lie!) consume. Team that with some super cute patty pans and decorations and you have a winner. Plus they make for great edible table decorations and gifts.

Smoked Cod | I have LOVED smoked fish ever since I can remember. I thank Dad for introducing me to this one. At Easter, this is one of my favourites. Served on toast with some fresh rocket and lemon is to die for! Fish on Good Friday never looked so tasty.

Chocolate | I couldn’t leave this all important one to the end now could I? When it comes to chocolate in general, I have shifted my taste dramatically over the last couple of years. I used to be a all- white- give-me-the-Milky-Bar-egg girl until I tried dark chocolate and never looked back. From one extreme to the other I guess! At Easter, my favourite eggs would be anything Lindt, Kinder and the good ol’ Dairy Milk hunting variety.

Prawns and Squid | Ah, seafood. Say no more. Prawns and squid served simply at Easter are divine. Serve with lashings of garlic aioli and a crisp salad will win me over every time.

Cheese | When chocolate all gets a bit much (and it can!) I love sharing a anitpasto/ cheese platter with my family. Bring on the brie!

So that’s just some of my favourite food to eat/make at Easter time, there is plenty more where that came from though I assure you.

Stay hungry,



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