Café Exploring | Little Paw Paw



I have been meaning to check out Little Paw Paw since it opened but as always the timing of uni almost always got in the way. That was until our last exam was finished and a serious tasty brunch was in order to celebrate.

North-siders rejoice, finally we have something closer to home with all the charm you would find at West End or inner-city establishment. Little Paw Paw is the most recent addition to the Venzin Group empire (Think, Green Papaya, Picnic, Mons Thai and Paw Paw) that has been keeping east-siders well-fed for years now but now us North-siders don’t have to travel too far from our own doorstep to devour something pretty special. Only to Kedron in fact. Let me tell you why!

Overseen by passionate entrepreneur and owner Giorgina Venzin, the café comprises of a bright indoor/outdoor space decked out with recycled wooden tables and walls adorned with the most adorable pawpaw illustrations/art. It took all my strength NOT to take a selfie in front of it. So cute!  We were lucky enough to nab a seat alongside the Paw Paw wall, this was only the start of great things to come.

Don’t let the quirky name fool you, the small yet scrumptious menu features a bunch of brunch goodness including a hearty avocado plate (avo, haloumi, tomato and lemon on rye), house-made museli, pumpkin gnocchi or the Little Paw Paw B.R.A.T (bacon, avo, tomato, chipotle mayo on ciabatta). The counter is also laden with fresh-baked muffins, brownies, cupcakes, croissants and filled Turkish rolls perfect for a quick takeaway or in-house treat. I opted to try the corn and zucchini fritters (I’m a sucker for a good fritter!) perfectly paired with smoked tomato relish, herbed sour cream and rocket. There is a reason why this place has a line up on the weekends. AMAZING! The fritters were light, fluffy and cooked to perfection bursting with heaps of fresh sweet corn kernels. The relish was a great accompaniment with a lovely little hum of spice at the end. Matched with the herby cream, every bite was a flavour sensation. The portion size was perfect and the presentation was also bursting with colour using delightful orange plates complimenting the shop fit out to a tee. My brunching partner went for the avocado plate and this was as equally amazing.


Coffee on offer at Little Paw Paw is a well-brewed Campos blend and there’s also a small range of teas, juice and soft drink available to wash down your delightful breakfast of choice. Service at Little Paw Paw is yet another reason why you will be coming back for more. The owner takes the time to thank-you for your patronage and also gives the best re-grams on Instagram. Thanks Giorgina!

So don’t let the name fool you, one bit, the eats, atmosphere and overall cuteness of this gem is anything but small.

Stay tuned as the Venzin Group bring another slice of Paw Paw to the Brisbane fruit bowl later in the year. Raw Paw Paw is set to be the next big thing in West End, I cannot wait to check it out and head back to Little Paw Paw for more scrumptious brunching adventures!

Stay hungry,



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