Neat Eats | Cowch

What do you get when you combine cows, chocolate and all-round coolness? Cowch! The newest super chilled dessert and cocktail bar to open in Grey Street, South Bank. The first of its kind in Queensland, this low-lit bar oozes an ingenious combination of naughty and nice, offering distinctive craft cocktails and devilishly decadent desserts.

Open for breakfast, lunch, and, of course, any-time dessert, Cowch allows you to let your inner glutton loose.Whether you’re after a coffee and churros to kick-start your morning or a Baileys-infused chocolate shot with toasted marshmallow to fuel the night Cowch is sure to be Brisbane’s new all-day destination for a sweet indulgence. Let me tell you why.

As far as decor goes, Cowch has gone all out for the perfect mix of cuteness and class. I’m a sucker for cute lights and Cowch’s are top-notch. Shaped adorably in udders and milk bottles, they illuminate the dark ceiling beautifully. A sight just screaming for picture-taking. The rest of the space is decked out in purple plush stools, a number of soft couches (who would have thought?!) and a large share table. We were lucky enough to score a table right next to the gleaming fireplace which was beautiful. All this, midst a incredible 3D ice-cream cabinet and dessert station and you’re pretty much in heaven.

Now for the all important sweet treats. Promising to satisfy all manner of cravings, with fruit parfaits on offer for breakfast, white-chocolate-and-fruit pizzas for lunch, and honey-and-rum grilled bananas served with vanilla bean ice-cream for dessert. Sweet snacks come in the form of frozen yoghurt waffle bowls, fruit smoothies and the house signature ‘naked’ ice-cream pops, which can be dressed in your choice of chocolate and embellishments. The ambient dessert cocktail bar also takes care of your liquor cravings, with cocktails such as the marshmallow martini, strawberry margarita jello shots, craft beer and wine all ready for the taking.

I of course wanted to try everything and willingly put myself into a chocolate coma BUT I resisted and we opted to just a few of the delicious offerings. First up, naked pops. I’d heard quite a bit about these so naturally I wanted one. First you choose your pop ( I chose coffee flavoured!) then your chocolate dip ( I chose dark!) and then 3 delish toppings (I chose, pistachio, coconut and chocolate pearls!) These are seriously YUM and able to be totally customised to what ever takes your fancy.

Next up, Udder Puffs. Now these little gems were like profiteroles filled with either fro-yo or ice-cream of your choice. Here, I just chose 3 random flavours which ended up being vanilla bean, apple pie and a mixed berry flavour all drizzled with, you guessed it, more chocolate! Apple pie was to-die for and with popcorn topping (an unusual combo I know!) it was so good. Salty and sweet worked a treat. Then as if that wasn’t enough, we tried the Sticky Date Caramel Pudding with ice-cream, which was lusciously mousse-like. By this time and two cowcktails later, I was in a  severe chocolate coma. So worth it though.

So if you are looking for some seriously sweet treats,  do yourself a favour and pop into Cowch. I cannot wait to go back and try more very soon. Cowch is shaping up to the forerunner in the war of chocolate establishments in South Brisbane, let the battle  commence!

Stay hungry,



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