Café Exploring | Dandelion & Driftwood


With uni break coming to a close (mega sad face!) what better way to end it then with a visit to one of my favourite little spots which also happens to be conveniently located on the Northside. Big wooden tables, transparent chairs, fresh flowers, old-fashioned trinkets and an abundance of pretty jars filled with sugary treats is only half of what you will find when you pay a visit to the Hendra gem, Dandelion and Driftwood. Priding themselves as award-winning coffee and tea crafters, D&D offer a truly gorgeous array of coffee, beautiful, simple food, and a lovely, whimsical, nostalgic atmosphere.

With such a charming name, the dandelion is said to represent that magic blow ball that no one can resist wishing upon. With one single breath that magic spreads, being carried away by the wind and the dandelion travels like little parachutes for miles and miles across the earth. Driftwood, represents that piece of wood that floats, can survive a life in water, continues to be worn away, eventually washes up but still possesses strong qualities. Driftwood travels for some time and length but continues its journey uninhabited, exposed to the elements and continues to take risks. Driftwood symbolizes the eternal relationship between earth and water. This beautiful concept flows right through everything this fantastic little business offers, it’s truly inspiring to see!

With a focus on superb coffee and many premier, state and national awards under their belt, D&D’s espresso is prepared on a La Marzocco FB80, with a choice of two haus blends, Dandelion and of course Driftwood, and two single origins from four Mazzer Robur E Grinder, not forgetting decaf from a Mazzer Mini E Grinder. All coffees served from the espresso bar are tagged with cupping notes, including details on the brew’s origin, varietal, altitude, farm/region, certification, process, flavour characteristics. It’s little things like this that make having a coffee at D&D truly special and far from (excuse the pun!) the daily grind. Latte art at D&D is also seriously sublime, top marks there too!


As for eats, D&D offers humble food executed extremely well purposely designed to compliment the spectacular beverages. Since I visited, the short but sweet menu has had a few new additions and tweaks so I naturally had to give them a go. I’m sure you will know by now I’m a bit of an avo-on-toast aficionado yet no such thing is available at D&D. Never fear though, smashed pumpkin to the rescue! I’ve noticed this little menu item has been popping up at a few places as of late and for good reason, it’s an utterly delicious ingredient that pairs so well with heaps of flavours! This one had meredith chevre goats cheese, rocket, pistachio dukkah and was drizzled with pendleton garlic pressed olive oil all on a toasted sourdough batard. Other savoury options range from wholesome baked beans in spiced tomato sauce, speckled with ham off the bone, pockets of cheese and served with toasted maltloaf to honey jumble waffles, topped with warm stewed apples, honey drizzle, crunchy cornflakes, vanilla ice cream and cinnamon dusting. A sweet tooth booth, overflowing with site-made macarons, cupcakes, tarts and biscuits are also the perfect little snack to go with a coffee on the run. Speaking of coffee on the run, an adorbs little cart is also set up outside serving takeaways throughout the day.

Just when you think this spot couldn’t get much sweeter, D&D also offers high tea in the outdoor garden. A gorgeous two-tiered stand typically includes scones with Paul Grainger raspberry jam & Meander Valley double cream, mini lemon curd tart, mini caramel tarts, specialty cupcakes, two gorgeous macarons and mini chocolate flourless cakes. Yum!

There is so much to love about Dandelion & Driftwood, the space, attention to detail, the food, the outstanding service and of course the coffee. It never fails to disappoint. I am so glad this little gem has been placed in suburban Hendra, it’s the perfect little spot to relax over a leisurely breakfast, lunch or afternoon treat. Check out D&D if you haven’t already, I promise you’ll love it!

Stay hungry,



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