Neat Eats | The Carseldine Farmers & Artisan Markets

FARM5Fellow foodies rejoice! A new Northside market mecca has popped up and you’re seriously going to want to know about it. Firstly though for a bit of #marketappreciation. Aren’t markets just the best?!  I think so and Brisbane is now brimming with them which is fantastic. While they might be one of the most simplest of settings, markets have so much to offer both locally and on a much wider scale. There is something so lovely about being able to purchase something that has been passionately prepared and picked, often just days or hours before hitting the table. You can talk to the maker and be assured that what you are buying not only supports a small business but is a more sustainable option for the planet. Markets, big, small, new or old are so great and another one has just made my favourites list, let me tell you more!

The Carseldine Farmers and Artisan Markets are north Brisbane’s newest genuine produce, foodie and craft market with a wide range of wares focusing of the availability of premium fresh produce from Southeast Queensland. Traditional and gourmet foods are made on the spot (Think steaming fresh cooked buttery mushrooms with thyme, yum!) and stalls featuring market provisions made by passionate producers, growers, farmers, painters, cooks, chefs, designers, bakers, fishmongers, butchers, baristas, juicers in a bustling fun and fresh market every Saturday.

With a focus on local, gourmet food, this Northside market is sure to be a new Brisbane favourite, serving up high quality, locally sourced fresh produce and gourmet foods, including award winning jams, oils and chutneys, Maleny cheeses, fresh local seafood, and premium meats. Everyone’s market fave, freshly baked artisan breads and pastries don’t go astray either Mmmmm. Packed with stalls from local designers, arts and crafts and homewares the Carseldine Farmers & Artisan Market really does have something for the whole fam’. The fresh produce stalls were bursting with colour and at great prices too.You’ll find plenty more weekend cooking inspiration too with so many fabulous ingredients just waiting to be transformed into something delicious.


When your tummy starts rumbling from the wafting aromas of bacon and coffee, head over to the spacious gourmet food and dining area where you can lounge and enjoy breakfast made by local chefs as well as freshly made juices and other sweet treats all while enjoying live music from local musicians. Surrounded with cute refurbished chairs covered in astroturf (swoon!) and more neat foodie signage, it’s the perfect little spot to have a leisurely bite to ear and plan what to make with your market haul. Let’s face it by now, you probably would have a few bags full.

The designers behind this markets have also won my heart. The layout of the market just oozes cool on every level. With an adorbs wooden planter cart filled with flowers welcoming you to the market and clever directional signage, perhaps the coolest thing is the quirky food pun posters dotted here there and everywhere. They’re kinda a big dill. Sorry. That was the wurst food pun about a food pun.

Stressed about parking? Don’t fret! The Carseldine Farmers & Artisan Markets has free parking and entry, with over 600 car parks available. The markets can be accessed via two entrances, off 532 Beams Road, and Dorville Road. Huzzah!

So get up early one Saturday and head to these markets for some foodie fun and lots of cooking inspo. I’m sure they will become one of your favourites too!

Stay hungry,



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