Neat Eats | The Roastery Café

In the midst of an absolutely crazy week of Honours (then again what week isn’t crazy?!) I found a little bit of time to check out a place I have been meaning to get to for a while now. I’d heard through my Instagram grapevine that this little spot boasted a pretty damn good avo on toast offering… so naturally I had to get there sooner rather than later. What better way to celebrate getting my first piece of data for my thesis then with a leisurely brunch and a spot of café exploring.

Hidden away in South Brisbane right next door to specialty coffee roastery, Rouge Coffee is The Roastery Cafe, a cafe and brew bar combination that proves great things come in small packages. The smell of Rouge Coffee wafts from the roasting half of The Roastery Cafe’s converted warehouse, sending caffeine seekers’ hearts racing as soon as you are within 100m of the place. From the outside, your eyes may tell you this little place looks quite small yet a large share table sits neatly outside with plenty of seats for a good study or breakfast session. Once you walk inside, mind blown. An utterly cool blackboard menu is sprawled creatively across the wall. And let me tell you, it will have you drooling. While you are pondering what to tantalise your taste buds with, you can take a seat inside with a bunch of small tables or amble through to The Rogue Plantation out the back where you’ll find a delightful little deck, colourful wall art and an edible garden embracing aquaponic principles along with some super cute wooden stools and recycled tables adorned with cacti. The edible garden is a treat boasting everything from rosemary and thyme to corriander and chilli. All of these home grown goodies are used in the kitchen on site too. It really doesn’t get much better or fresher than that.

photo 1

Now back to the all important food. The Roastery has an all-day breakfast menu. Can I get a hells yes?! This makes me happy. Breakfast is the new lunch after all. So after much deliberation, I honestly couldn’t go past the lemony feta & avocado which was a seriously impeccable combo of whipped feta infused with lemon olive oil over smashed avo with house made dukkah & rocket all on two lovely pieces of toasted sourdough. Yep, I’m addicted to avo. This one is right up there with the best of the best and that feta, oh dear lord. What a treat. The perfect mixture of citrusy tang and sharp saltiness. It was amazing!

photo 2

Paired with the earthy dukkah, creamy avo and peppery rocket this was a delight in every mouthful.My brunching partner went for the breakfast roll with crispy bacon, a free range egg, cheddar & house relish which looked just as good. Both meals were generous portions for the price and were presented beautifully. 

photo 3

The delectable eats don’t stop there though. The Roastery also serves up the likes of pimped banana bread with house made rhubarb confiture, fresh bananas and seasonal berries topped with a citrus infused mascarpone as well as classic baked eggs with chorizo & tomato sugo topped with goat’s cheese and rocket served with toasted sourdough. For big breakfast lovers the Roastery Breakfast is sure to hit the spot with a hefty serving of house beans with chorizo, bacon, tomato, avocado and two poached eggs on sourdough with house relish. A simply food philosophy with a great selection with something for every palette. The cafe not only embraces sustainability and a commitment to sourcing local, but it has also launched a series of food workshops to educate and inform local foodies. And just when you thought it couldn’t get cooler  A Bee One Third bee hive lives on the cafe’s roof delivering the freshest honey you could possibly find. Abuzzultey amazing right? Brisbane cafés, you continue to impress and utterly surprise me.

As far as the coffee goes, the sourcing of green beans, meticulous roasting practices, steadfast quality control in the cupping lab and extensive barista education creates one of the loveliest brews around town. There is something quite lovely about sipping on your cappuccino to hear the cogs and grinds of beans being roasted only a mere couple of metres away. It’s the little things. A range of organic sodas and signature artisan cold pressed coffees are also on offer to wash your tasty brunches down. Smoothies are also on the menu in a range of flavours from classic green to sweet fruity concoctions. 

So next time you are looking for an ethical bite to eat, pop into this delightful South Brisbane cafe for a fresh, healthy meal, a cup of steaming hot coffee or a bottle of its famous artisan cold brew. The hardest thing will be choosing what to have I promise you. 

Stay hungry, 



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