Brisbane, The Kitchenet is here!

I’ve been pretty lucky to have met some utterly amazing people in the last year or so. People who share my love of food that I just know I will be friends with for a very long time. You know when you meet people and you find yourself asking, where have you been all my life?! Sometimes you can’t believe you are so compatible. You just click. Instantly. People that believe in you so much you start to believe in you too. Yeah, those people.

One of these foodie gems goes by the name of Phoebe Tully and quite frankly I am so proud of her. We met by attending and conferring through Diner en Blanc and ever since then our love of food has bought us together and we have become great friends. She has just recently launched her own amazing project,The Kitchenet and I think if you are reading this, you should check out the very first episode. Go on, click the play button.

In a nutshell, it’s set to be a captivating web series full of cooking and showcasing the next generation of Brisbane homemakers and their kitchens. Just wait until you see the homes Phoebe visits. I have heard about them first hand and they sound incredible. The first episode features photographer/stylist Kara Rosenlund in her beautiful worker’s cottage home in Brisbane. Try not to salivate as Phoebe and Kara cook pan-fried chicken, a beetroot and citrus salad and a classic sponge. It’s a delight to watch! 

Subscribe to The Kitchenet through email or find them on Facebook, I promise you will find it just as inspiring as I do!

Stay hungry,



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