Neat Eats | Eat Street Markets

eat stBrisbanites! An exciting dining destination right on our riverfront doorstep is calling your name. The newest pop-up outdoor eatery to hit the city is Eat Street, an outdoor Asian-inspired market that ignites Hamilton Wharf on the Northshore every Friday and Saturday night and now Sunday morning. The genius concept has been brought to life by creative Brisbane identities, food and market doyen Peter Hackworth, producer John Stainton and TV celebrity Jacki MacDonald. Eat Street sees the wharf sparkle with designer lights and 50 specially designed shipping containers reconfigured as mini restaurants, offering a selection of delicious international dishes created by the ‘best of the best’ local chefs. The hardest thing you will have to do is decide what to try first, believe me! Let me tell you why.

At the entrance to the markets, the word ‘EAT’ is illuminated (in a great font too might I add!) for all to see. If this is not a sign to tell you to get your taste buds ready then I don’t know what is! Inside, design of the space is everything you want a relaxed eating area to be. Trees filled with fairy lights are dotted around the market while quirky palettes have been turned into benches topped with astroturf perfect to sit back, relax and savour your market fare or settle in for a night of live music. A viewing platform gives 15 lucky market goers a 360 degree view of the market but you have to be quick to nab those sought after seats.

Street food from all over the globe is on offer at Eat Street and I mean from EVERYWHERE. Whether you fancy crepes or calzones, maybe some ribs or even rigatoni, there is something for everyone to savour. On our recent adventure we first jumped to Spain for a traditional paella that was made in front of our very eyes. Quite frankly we could not refuse the wafting aromas of saffron and smoky chorizo. It did not disappoint, the rice was cooked to perfection and we were treated to a large serving of moist salmon, prawns and squid. Delicious! Next up, Italy bound for pasta. Little Italy by Jake and Elle (you may remember them from MKR!) pumps out homemade arancini, ravioli and even take-away pasta sauces and sweet treats. Amazing! Next, to the UK for a sneaky potato slinky on a stick (these take humble hot chips to a whole new level of goodness, add chicken salt for extra wow-factor!) and then to Mexico for fresh tacos filled with herbs and marinated chicken all wrapped up in a soft tortilla. Finally, a trip to Eat Street would not be complete without a famous cronut. As the name creatively suggests this is every pastry lovers dream. 64 layers of croissant/donut. Wow. I really have no words. Heavenly. We went for a red velvet number and it was delicious. Well worth the cronut coma I suffered afterwards. You can get these gems in a small size and larger variety too (if you dare!) I’m thinking these are quickly becoming the new cupcake. Speaking of cakes, an abundance of baked goods are also available to end your night on a sweet note. I have my eye on the Nutella pretzel and push-pop cupcake for next time, mmmm.

While food is very much the focal point of these upbeat markets, an array of clothing, jewellery and homewares stalls are also creatively woven into the market design. I spotted an absolutely amazing corn cob stool which would fit into my room quite nicely. I might just need to get it. Food and homewares, does it get much better? Eat Street, I love you!

So get yourself along to these markets for a fantastic feast under the stars. I can’t wait to go back already to try everything else, who’s coming?!

Stay hungry,



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