En route to Melbs, the knives are out to nab a spot at The Fat Duck!


It’s been five months since an unprecedented announcement dropped out of the clear blue sky: British superstar chef, Heston Blumenthal would be bringing his three-Michelin-starred restaurant, The Fat Duck, to Melbourne’s Crown Casino for 6 months in 2015 before permanently opening Dinner by Heston in the same location. I still have not recovered from the news that someone among us could potentially end up with a seat at this magical dining experience.

The anticipation only intensified as foodies all over the globe spent nearly half a year waiting for details of exactly how they were going to secure themselves one of the most coveted tables ever on offer in this city. Now we have details, brace yourself.

The Fat Duck Melbourne will open on February 3, 2015 and can seat around 50 people. We have a date! Reservations will be taken through an electronic ballot open at the Fat Duck Melbourne website from 9am (Melbourne time) on Wednesday October 8, 2014 and will close at midnight (Melbourne time) on Sunday October 26, 2014. Set your alarm and write in your diary or iCal ASAP.

“The Fat Duck [in the UK] gets 30,000 calls a day,” Blumenthal explains of the demand. “The fairest way was to have a ballot. Everyone who gets a table will be contacted, and everyone who doesn’t get a table will also be contacted.” The people who don’t get a table will get priority booking for Dinner by Heston. There will also be a wait list, so if people are unable to use their table, it will open up to the people who missed out.

In a first for the Melbourne Fat Duck, there will also be a chef’s table available per service, where four people will get an exclusive behind-the-scenes glimpse of the kitchen in action. The price of the chef’s table, which will also be allocated via ballot, is yet to be set.

So how much should you expect to pay to eat Blumenthal’s fantastical creations and mind-bending concoctions? Well, a seat at The Fat Duck in Melbourne will set you back a  whopping $525 and that is for food only. As Blumenthal describes, it will be 12 to 15 courses of “pure food theatre”. As any Heston fan would know, this will be no ordinary 12-15 course meal, far from it. Expect nothing but out of this world magic. Holy Heston, best start saving now! What an experience though. Can you imagine? A once in a lifetime opportunity to challenge the senses and think of food in an entirely different light.

Nabbing a spot is seriously going to be a food fight and a half. The knives are out and are getting sharpened as we speak!

Stay hungry,



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