Serious posh nosh, who wants a slice of Wills & Kate’s wedding cake?


It’s a well known fact. Royal memorabilia is sought after by collectors around the world, particularly pieces associated with weddings. I myself am a bit of a Royal family enthusiast, I have been ever since I can remember really. I absolutely adore London  and the UK ever since visiting in 2009, it’s just a culture mecca of awesomeness. I would go back in a heartbeat. I would even consider living there. It also come down to the fact that my fam hails from Scotland so UK lovin’ is in my blood. I must admit I am quite the avid Union Jack collector though. Try bunting, cushions, mugs, pencil cases, notebooks and even crockery. You name it I have either got it or want it. The Queen coming to Brisbane was a pretty big deal (although I missed her and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge on both occasions!) as was the birth of the ever adorbs Prince George. They’re just too cool.

The general public aren’t immune to their fair share of Royal knick knacks either. It is rare to find a house in the UK without a commemorative mug or tea towel from either Charles and Diana’s wedding or the more recent marriage of the Duchess of Cambridge to Prince William. And now, an exiting new auction will offer collectors a unique opportunity to own a very special souvenir: a piece of the wedding cake from Kate and William’s big day. Lovingly sealed in a cream commemorative tin might I add. Oh so fancy.

The cake is to be auctioned at Julien’s auction house in Beverley Hills, California, as part of a special sale that will see a collection of the late Lady Diana Spencer’s dresses go on sale alongside the wedding cake. According to the Daily Times, Diana’s dresses are expected to reach prices up to $130,000 (£80,000), while the single slice from the 2011 nuptials is estimated to fetch between $1000 (£600) and $2000 (£1,200).

But let me tell you about the cake in all it’s royal glory. It was was a bespoke creation, crafted by Fiona Cairns taking up to five weeks which consisted of an elaborate gateau covered in cream and white icing and decorated with 900 delicate sugar-paste flowers. The culinary masterpiece took centre-stage at the Buckingham Palace reception held in the picture gallery on the day of their wedding. It also appears that the humble slice of wedding cake may be worth its grand price tag with some of the architectural details in the room, the garlands on the walls in particular, were reproduced loosely on the fourth tier – roses, acorns, ivy leaves, apple blossom and bridal rose to be exact! The bride also wanted elements from the Joseph Lambeth technique of cake decoration, where intricate piping is used to make three dimensional scroll work, leaves, and flowers!

What a creation! Now the royal price tag seems semi-reasonable don’t you think?

Stay hungry,



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