Secret soirées, Brisbane’s newest rooftop bar revealed!

rooftop terrace

#bnesecretrooftop, the hashtag that had myself and the Instagram world curious for days. Where was this secret spot going to be? What would await us? Well the secret is now out and Brisbane just got a whole lot cooler because of it.

Last night I was super lucky to be invited to the exclusive media launch of Brisbane’s newest bar by the talented and lovely ladies at The Press Garage.With the location only revealed hours before the event, I found myself madly refreshing my email inbox to find out where we were going. Finally, the secret was out. Brisbane’s newest rooftop bar , aptly named the Rooftop Garden, is now sneakily hidden away from the hustle and bustle of the city in little ol’ Edward St right on top of The Exchange Hotel. This Brisbane local is making a stylish comeback! Completely unexpected but amazing all the same, a garden oasis awaits you with the space decked out in strung fairy lights, hanging floral baskets and impeccable views of our city in all its night time glory. The space was  jam packed with people and buzzing with excitement as bloggers, photographers and media alike were itching to grab first shots and tastes of this new space. Brisbane, you continue to impress me with your hidden secrets!

Together with my blogging partner in crime, we sussed out all there was to offer. The gourmet canapes were amazing and abundant  throughout the night. We nibbled on fresh mozzarella crisps topped with lemon and fresh herbs, potato and goat’s cheese croquettes with garlic aioli, Wagyu beef skewers with yakitori dust, mini beef sliders, prawn twisties and chorizo and sweet chilli rolls. So so good! In the drinks department Pimm’s and champagne  were kept flowing, perfectly refreshing for a Spring soirée under the stars.

Everything about this event was executed with style and refinement. I know for a fact this will be the go to place for many post-work drinks and Sunday sessions for Brisbanites. A big thanks to the Press Garage for the opportunity to come along, it was a fabulous marketing campaign that both intrigued and inspired me from the get go.

So do yourself a favour and pop up to the Rooftop Garden for a night of whimsical fun, you’ll feel on top of the world I promise!

Stay hungry,



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