Sydney set to sizzle this February… literally!


Bacon. The smell of it sizzling on a Sunday morning is enough to make you get out of bed early. Crispy, salty and just irresistible. Bacon should be a food group. And just when we thought we couldn’t love bacon more, we can! Sydney has answered all of our bacon lovin’ dreams by holding a festival celebrating our beloved breakfast treat and it’s set to sizzle like there is no tomorrow.

Newtown cafe Cuckoo Callay is launching their inaugural Bacon Festival on February 9 where piggy products will take over the menu for a feast of all things bacon. Think bacon burgers, bacon Bloody Marys, bacon waffles, bacon ice cream, chocolate covered bacon rashers and get this, even bacon milkshakes on offer! That’s a whole lot of bacon love. The crown jewel of the menu will be the Ultimate Bacon Breakfast, which include five different kinds of pork including bacon (no surprises there!) and bespoke bacon sausage. The Piggy Popcorn chicken brioche burger is also set to make mouths water, a farmhouse reunion of epork porpotions!

In case your arteries wouldn’t be strained enough, the cafe’s got you covered on the beverage front as well with an absurd bacon milkshake to accompany a housemade bacon cocktail.

Safe to say, this festival is strictly not for you vegos out there nor the fainthearted bacon-lover. If I lived closer I’d certainly be giving this wacky festival a try. So if you want to know more, keep your snouts on the Cuckoo Calley Facebook page for the full menu which is set to be made available in early February.

Stay hungry,



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