Neat Eats | Chester St Bakery


Chester Street Bakery & Bar was first bought to my attention by my best foodie friend one afternoon last year when we were searching for a last minute birthday cake. Here I was thinking we were just heading to a regular bakery. One look at the cakes and I was seriously gobsmacked. How did I not know about this haven of awesomeness?! Chester Street Bakery and Bar is quite frankly a baked goods lover’s paradise. I’m in no way kidding. There really isn’t any other way to say it. Chester Street is also the local everyone dreams of having. Somewhere edgy, yet comforting with hearty and down right delicious food that you know is going to be good every single time you visit. It’s open early for those who need avo on toast fixes and stays alive till late so no time of night is unacceptable to satisfy even the most outrageous cake cravings. You could nip in with your PJ’s on if you were quick. Okay, maybe pop on a cardi and take off the Ugg boots but you get what I mean.

Joining Brisbane’s food scene in October 2012, Chester Street is the fourth member of the popular Brisbane family including Alfred & Constance, Alfredo’s Pizzeria and Limes Hotel. Chester Street has decor similar to it’s bigger brothers and sisters hosting a vibrant light-filled space where cobalt tiles meet custom-painted lamps and hanging flowerpots adorn the wooden deck. San Marzarno tomato tins hold cutlery while lime-washed tables and chairs  make up the majority of alfresco seating. You can also pull up a seat inside or gather around the communal wooden table.

Now let’s get back to the food. Chef Jocelyn Hancock crafted a stellar menu packed with standouts, transforming locally sourced produce into takeaway lunch options, bar bites, main meals and a drool-worthy range of bakery goods.Brunch is even served till 3pm, 7 days a week! The combined talents of head chef Gareth Devlin, head baker Giacomo Petrini and baker Isaac Green see artisan loaves like rustic fruit and walnut sourdough emerging from the hand-built oven on a daily basis. Breakfast options include daily-filled doughnuts (think salted caramel, passionfruit, blueberry crumble, Nutella and glazed) rhubarb and pear compote and pecan scrolls while lunch features an abundance of savoury quiches and filled baguettes.

On our visit  we opted for something lighter as we HAD to save room for cake. The daily savoury pastry filled with Gruyere, ham and caramelised onion had our name on it as did the avo on toast offering (no surprises there!). The sourdough was out of this world having been baked in house while the avocado was topped lavishly with amazing creamy feta and some earthy dukkah. It was probably one of my fave avo on toast concoctions to date, so fresh and a joy to devour. Next up the sweet stuff, pictured below just so you can drool a little more. We had a very hard time deciding (as per usual!) but in the end we went for two of the doughnuts which were delightfully flavoured with passion fruit topped with crisp meringue and blueberry with a biscuity crumble. We also went for a raspberry layer cake that had moist vanilla sponge sandwiched between berry-scented butter-cream, crushed meringue and freeze-dried raspberry dust. And last but not least an amazing, caramel number that was infused with coffee and crisp shards of honeycomb. I honestly can’t describe how good these were. Best. cake. ever.


So if the amazing food hasn’t made you want to visit Chester St, then maybe this will. This gourmet sourdough bakery will stay open late again starting from Feb, popping on the fairy lights to offer a night-time tipple and a bite to eat in the form of proper tasty pizzas. Cake party/birthday venue come April? I think yes! Chester Street you’re brill and I’m coming to eat my way through your cakes ASAP.

Stay hungry,



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