Café Exploring | The Lost Boys


Let’s face it. Sometimes we all wish we could fly to Neverland and never, ever grow up. If only right? Well to escape the real world even just for a little while, you can now step inside the magical interior of The Lost Boys where you can channel your inner child and feast on some fabulous ethical eats. With trees sprouting from the floor and a leafy canopy lining the ceiling, a childhood desire to climb up and see if you can spot Tinkerbell may wash over you as you enter this gem.. but that’s totally okay! In fact why not take the hopscotch on the floor while you are there or pull up a board game. Trust me, channeling your inner child is encouraged. Named after the forever-young characters of Peter Pan, everything (and I mean everything!) at The Lost Boys has been carefully thought out to create a magical space for anyone to enjoy. A sweet little blackboard even greets muggles, wizards and pirates as you arrive. See, I told you. Let me tell you a bit more.

As you step inside, you’ll no doubt be in awe of the rather large Happiness Wall that adorns one half of the space. I know I was. What a fantastic idea! On this blackboard, diners can share their own Happy Thoughts, whether it be a quote or a favourite saying. I must say I was so pleased to see some Harry Potter and Once Upon a Time ones written down, way to go Brisvegas. Seating at TLB is in the form of recycled timber tables with couple seats lining the wall, larger tables on the other side and a bar that seats roughly four at the front window. As expected, odes to Peter Pan are found everywhere at The Lost Boys with pot plants dotting tables, flowers, storybook menus, paper games, hanging pendant lights, a bridge on the ceiling and cute little hidey-holes around every corner. I really can’t tell you how cool this place is, the attention to detail is amazing and I’m pretty sure I’ve found my new fave hangout.


Just when you thought this place couldn’t get any better well it can, I’m sure you’re wondering about the food. Do I have to be a vegetarian to go here? Most certainly not! The Lost Boys strives to use only certified-organic, 100 per cent natural and locally produced ingredients, as well as ensuring it is carbon neutral. And here’s a little fun fact, TLB is actually the city’s first completely carbon neutral venture. With that said, Lost Boys also uses biodegradable packaging, makes almost everything in-house and is completely vegetarian. Open for breakfast, lunch and snacks, you can select from such treats as toasted wheat-free muesli and organic free-range poached eggs in the morning, or opt for delicious Neverland Nachos, the Bangarang burger made up of a house-made veggie pattie with caramelised onion relish, marinated sweet potato, cheese and fresh rocket. Focaccia-based pizzas are also available or for something lighter a deliciously sounding beetroot bruschetta on crusty marinated garlic and olive oil-infused sourdough and dips with organic corn and blue quinoa chips. some vegan  Sweet treats haven’t been forgotten either with a lovely little range of vegan cupcakes, cakes and slices.

On our highly anticipated  visit to The Lost Boys (after we stopped aw-ing about the menus in storybooks and tried to make a decision!) I went for the corn fritter stack, a no brainier. I love corn and fritters a little too much. It did not disappoint and was super delicious topped with home made caramelised onion relish, Barambah sour cream, avocado, a stellar balsamic glaze, rocket and pinenuts. My brunching partner went for the organic free-range eggs with avocado, Parmesan cheese, fresh rocket, pinenuts and aioli. Serving sizes and presentation were awesome and the ingredients spoke for themself, so so so good.


As well as coffee, tea and organic juices, you can indulge in a special iced beverages and let me tell you they are seriously seriously good. Choose from tall iced coconut coffee or chocolates or a iced blueberry and pomegranate tea, infused with cold-pressed green apples and topped with berries and mint. I went for the coconut iced coffee (yep, I am coco-mad woman right here!) and in no word of a lie, it was the best iced coffee I have ever had. Made with co-yo and coconut ice-cream it was pretty much like drinking a Bounty Bar with the perfect amount of sweetness and coconut shred crunch. Can I just tell you about how these drinks are served too? They came to us in the most fantastic glasses on a wooden board and with a super sweet inspirational quote I would come back for that coffee alone, it was heavenly. The Lost Boys also sells Happy Thoughts water (how adorbs right?!) with $1 from every bottle donated to aid a nominated cause or charity.

Well I could go on about The Lost boys for hours because, I’m seriously in love with this place and it’s made me so inspired to one day start my own little venture.  As the first new addition to the currently developing Bakery Lane. The Lost Boys will also looking to extend its hours in the near future to open as a bar on Friday and Saturday nights, and extend to a courtyard behind the cafe once the construction of Bakery Lane is complete. So until then don’t grow up and find The Lost Boys at 694 Ann St or just take the second star to the right and straight on till morning.

Stay hungry,



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