The knives are out, My Kitchen Rules is back!


As the doorbell of doom signifies the beginning of another drama packed season, yet again we’re drawn into the reality obsession that is My Kitchen Rules. Now I know a lot of people can’t stand this show but I for one love it in all it’s cheesy-not-always-about-the-food glory. The first episode of the 2015 season aired last night, opening by teasing us with inspiring music, sweeping city shots and stirring food quotes. It’s the façade the MKR producers try to spin us every season, this year it’s all about the FOOD! What’s reality television without a sprinkle of drama though?! I’m pumped MKR is back!

The teams this year are quite an eclectic bunch, with a cowboy, fashion designer and car salesperson all in the mix to win the top prize. Last night saw Mt Isa cousins, Jac and Shaz cook up a.. ah, storm. Sort of. We quickly learn loud-mouth Shaz is the boss of the pair and likes to say ‘aye’…A LOT. As for the other contestants, Victorian besties who labelled their hometown Melbourne ‘The Paris of the South’ certainly have their eyes on the prize. With a poodle-like fro, Ash and her joined-at-the-hip BFF Camilla, haven’t made many friends so far. Cocky and confident these girls are not afraid to say what they think. Chances they will be classed as the ‘mean ones’ verrrrry quickly. My faves so far are high school sweethearts Annie and Lloyd. This pair are a bit quirky, like to host Cludeo themed dinner parties and really are just down right adorbs.

Long episode short, Jac and Shaz end up with an average score of 59 and vow to fight another day. Tonight the teams travel to WA. Will they pull it off? Will the Vic team be the next Kelly and Chloe? Probably. Will Ash morph into a poodle? Chances are likely. I’ll be tuning in to see because I’m WAY too addicted not to!

Stay hungry,



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