Jamie O is heading to Australia!

Our relationship with food has become broken over the last few decades. A loss of cooking skills at home, the availability of processed foods at every turn have all conspired to make Australia one of the unhealthiest nations on Earth.

But now it’s time for change.

It’s time to stand up for real food and fight for better food education. How? Well Jamie Oliver is coming to Australia to talk about it. LIVE. This is not a drill. Jamie will take to the stage at the stunning Sydney Opera House to cook, entertain and talk about his Food Revolution that will inspire everyone  to get back to basics and cook good food from scratch. l got up super early on my day off work (Jamie is worth loosing sleep for!) just to brace myself for a war on the web to fight for tickets. 2 computers, a Mac, 2 iPhones and an iPad later, I did it. I scored tickets for me and one of my best friends who just so happens to love Mr O and food as much as me. Cue a multitude of fangirling text messages and wave of emojis to somewhat try and comprehend what we had just done. We are going to Sydney to see this amazing man and our food hero in the flesh, did someone say time to tick off another bucket list item!?

Now I have just over a month to prepare myself. Running through mind right now. What to wear, will we meet him?!,what to wear, must perfect my selfie pose, oh and did I mention what to wear? Oh my goddddddddd.

I absolutely cannot wait that’s for sure! Excited is an understatement.

Stay hungry,



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