Café Exploring | Cypher Coffee


Inspired by true hip hop, neo soul, jazz music and the city of Brooklyn; Cypher Coffee is the perfect example of good things come in small packages.  Aiming to supply customers with a great tasting coffee, friendly service and delicious bites, Cypher is located right next to Sandgate train station- the perfect location for a high quality coffee on the go or a bite to eat in the ‘burbs. Decked out in some of the seasons current decor trends, you will find hues of black white at Cypher with geometric patterns, astroturf and odes to the US dotted throughout the small space.  A typewriter and array of records are perched proudly on the shop walls while flowers from local business The Flower Hit also adorn tables. Seating while minimal is alfresco on the shop footpath while a larger share table and stools are inside. You have to be quick to nab those ones though. Serving from the window, Cypher’s daily specials and drink offerings are also all written on the walls. Totally genius!

Proudly serving Cleanskin Coffee Co, the Saint Espresso blend has a full chocolate, velvety body with hints of fresh butter and a dark chocolate after taste. Besides some pretty darn good coffee, Cypher has a Brooklyn inspired menu so you will find assorted flavoured bagels with lots of different toppings, croissants, Turkish sandwiches/wraps with seasonal fillings, macarons, gluten free chocolate brownies, cheesecakes, vegan/paleo/gluten free/dairy free/refined sugar free treats, banana bread, muffins and more. On my visit, I went for the sunflower rye bagel (my fave Bagel Brothers variety!) with smoked salmon and avocado. The serving was generous and completely delish served up on a lovely little wooden board. My brunching partner went for the Turkish toastie filled  with chicken, bacon, aioli, cheese and spinach. I took a bite and wow, what a super sandwich! Lush aioli I have to say and the flavour combo worked a treat. Smoothies and iced drinks are also served up in proper Ball Mason jars and can be done takeaway to make your train ride/day a whole lot sweeter!

For someone who walks past this little gem on the way to work every day, I really need to stop in more often. Simple food done fantastically and coffee to match. Likewise if you’re looking for some super tasty treats on the go or for a lazy little brunch spot on the Northside head to Cypher, I promise you’ll love it!

Stay hungry,



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