The day I met my food hero, Mr Jamie Oliver!

Jamie Oliver

I can’t believe I am finally writing this post. I really can’t. Someone pinch me. Last Sunday my gurl Loz (aka @inadietitianskitchen- look her up on Insty, she has fab foodie pics, loves food puns and is going to be the BEST dietitian ever one day!) met our food hero Mr Jamie Oliver in the flesh. I know. It’s not everyday you get to do that right?! But it happened. If you know me, you’ll probs know I love this man. A LOT.  In my eyes, Mr O is a living, breathing food hero. Everyone needs a hero and quite frankly he is one of mine. So when we got tickets to see his Australian live tour, I could not contain myself. Not only did we get to met him and get our cookbooks PERSONALLY SIGNED but we also had the pleasure of listening to his charming Essex accent (swoon!) for 2 glorious hours about something very very important. Food education. At the Sydney Opera House too might I add. Jamie O is on a mission to change how we and the next generation of children eat.  And he needs our help. It’s a food revolution on a mighty big scale. Our beloved Brit is trying to get at least two million signatures on a petition to make practical food education compulsory in every school which he plans to present at the G20 summit at the end of the year.And we were there to listen in first hand. Did someone day dream foodie day? I think yes.

To say we ‘fangirled’ on this particular Sunday would be a bit of an understatement. I only had to look at Loz to know how she was feeling and what she was thinking ( part of our foodie friendship is based on telepathy!) It was a serious dream come true for us to be doing this. Just massive. We adore Jamie for so many reasons. He inspires us in every facet of life, family, health, well being and most importantly food. He’s a gem, one in million, a game changer, unpretentious rule breaker( for all the right reasons!) and genuine Dad of 4 who gives a damn and is doing something about it. There needs to be more Jamie O’s in the world and to say I’ve been in his presence? Well, that just gives me goosebumps.

On our way back home to Brisvegas, Loz decided to write a recap of our day. How else were we going to be able to text each other and remind ourselves we just met The Naked Chef?! Still pumped and running on 6 hrs sleep between us, I promised her I would post it on here and to be honest, it’s a pretty darn perfect account of a day we will never ever forget. So this post is for you Loz, thank-you for being the ultimate Jamie O wing-girl. Love you as much as Mr O himself (and that’s a lot!).

So here it goes, written from 03E (window seats are the best for inspiration, agreed?!) on flight JQ818.

Taxi to brunch – OMG this is actually my cafe. The food. Ugh. I’m in heaven. Swell choice Sez. Markets – singer (cough, babe, cough, hey I just met you – here’s our number so call us maybe?), Walk to Opera House – amazing champagne – waiter spilt it. Got a neat discount. Nailed it. Super gr8 chat with old mate. The show. Prime seats. Centre stage. We love Jamie. He totally looked at us – the poster was fab. Cooked: pancakes/waffles, poached egg w/ avo, omelette w/ tomatoes, pesto pasta, Thai green curry. Note – Jamie stuffed up a pancake. If it’s okay for him to do it in front of a few hundred peeps, I feel okay that mine don’t work out on the odd occasion. Hung around like crazy kids in the sun waiting for JO to grace us with his gorgeous presence. News peeps were pretty sweet. Digged the poster. Had a gander with the Good Food lady. Spoke w/ JO while book signing (used my pen!)- he loves Brissy! Met some mega Jamie’s fans with PCOS. Had a chat. Insty. Yew. Popsicles. Radness. Admired JO from afar in a non creepy way. Waltzed through Opera Bar – OMG it’s pretty. Went to airport in cool cab. Ate sweets and fab coffee at a neat as cafe before we boarded. Dream day. Did this actually even happen? Or am I drunk and dreaming?

Couldn’t have said it better myself.

Here are some sneaky snaps of the best day ever too!


Oh flying, how I have missed you. Some serious cloud lovin’/ appreciation going on up here! brunch

Superb pre- show brunch at The Fine Food Store, another blog post about our edible adventures here soon! popsicles

Liana Raine Artisan popsicles rock, especially salted coconut and pineapple mint ones. Best enjoyed whilst gazing at Jamie O from the Opera House balcony.

hey JO

You can call us the foodie paparazzi. Yes that is Loz’s pen and yes we did think about swabbing it for DNA.


Just a tad excited about meeting our food hero. Cause only serious foodie fangirls take selfies with their cookbooks.

Ahhh, what a day. I just want to jump on a plane and relive it , again and again. Bucket list item, check! Still can’t believe it. The next time you come to Oz we’ll be there to stalk see you again JO, I promise!

Before you go please, please, PLEASE consider signing the revolutionary petition at SIGN IT. SHARE IT.

Together we can make a difference!

Stay hungry,



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