Reading just got a whole lot sweeter with The Zumbo Files!


Zumbo fans get excited! For the first time EVER, Adriano is providing us with photographic step-by-step instructions to master his recipes in each style of patisserie. He’s deconstructed the process and made culinary works of art achievable for us, the home baker. Yep, that’s right. We can make Zumbo creations from the comfort of our pajamas.Praise the foodie gods! So what’s this new book about? Well The Zumbo Files reveals the recipe secrets of Mr Z, the ‘Sweet Assassin’ with a collection of 50 new recipes including his latest creations, the Zonut (his pimped-up croissant-donut), plus some astonishing new flavour combinations for his signature Zumbarons (think lavender, thyme & strawberry, burnt toast and banana, caramel & balsamic). There’s also a chapter of savoury recipes to round out your pastry repertoire – try the fish & chips pie or the pork, earl grey & lemon sausage rolls. Only AZ would think of such illustrious flavour combos, what a genius.

In what will be his third cookbook, Zumbo also applies his Willy Wonka-esque genius to whip classics into a completely new creation. As always, the colours are bright, the flavours unexpected, and the experience of recreating the fruits of his fertile imagination a complete delight. Each chapter focuses on a particular type of patisserie and the recipes in that chapter explore and experiment with different tastes, flavours, textures and colours. Brilliant!

The Zumbo Files is Adriano’s most ambitious work yet and a super sweet cookbook you NEED to add to your collection ASAP. Open it up and step inside the world of the macaron maestro – it’ll blow your mind!

Stay hungry,



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