Neat Eats | Pressed Juices


Positively life changing. That’s how Pressed describe their juices and let me tell you, it’s ALL true.

Pressed Juices is an Australian company that transcends the modern day expectations of exceptional flavour combos and product integrity. There is a multitalented team of esteemed professionals behind this dynamic business who believe that by promoting good nutrition via a natural product that is free from pasteurisation, preservatives or sweeteners, people have the opportunity to embark on a positive journey, mentally and physically. In a nutshell, Pressed Juices wants to encourage people to be their best, to feel empowered, to stay innovative, to be considerate and delightful and of course, to be happy. Pressed Juices, also has strong relationships with local farmers; local communities and have embarked on positive sustainability programs and mindful initiatives. Um, can this company get any more perfect?

So as the name suggests, Pressed juices are cold pressed.. but what does that really mean? Well cold pressing is a fantastic method of juicing that does not apply any heat or friction, thereby preserving all the fragile nutrients and enzymes present in the juice. At Pressed Juices, quality cold press machines are used in an entirely refrigerated kitchen, to ensure the best possible conditions for juice pressing. All juices are cold pressed daily, within 24 hours of sale, to ensure optimum freshness. They are bottled and sealed instantly, and uninterruptedly refrigerated to ensure nutrient loss is minimal. All of these juices are vegan, gluten free, 100% raw, and free from additives, preservatives and refined sugar. Some do contain nuts and seeds, though so make sure you check out the labels.


And if the health benefits of this liquid gold doesn’t get you to visit then the shop fit out will! On my visit to the Adelaide St store in Brisvegas, I was in love. Natural timber and greens adorn the space with a rather large shelving unit on the wall filled with cute plants, jars, apples, and cookbooks. It’s the prefect Insty backdrop. We were treated to some awesome taste testers too, what service. Oh and how cute are the hessian bags? Loving the logo design. I highly recommend checking out Pressed if you love your juice, it’s totally delish and unlike anything you will ever try. So many flavours, so little time!

Stay hungry,



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