It’s always a good time at Doughnut Time!


Doughnuts, how I love you. There’s no denying that these little bites of doughy deliciousness have become extremely popular as of late. You’re probably wondering (like me!) how did the humble doughnut get so popular? Well I think we can thank crazy US foodies for starting the cronut craze. But hey, who’s complaining?! I love a good donut, perfectly soft with just the right amount of icing. Now these shiny rounds of sweetness are taking over our Insty feeds, bypassing the cupcake, cronut and maracon and stacking up to be the go-to treat when we feel like a little something sweet. So where can one get such a magnificent creation? The lovely folk at Doughnut Time of course.

I really wouldn’t expect anything less from the creative masterminds that lead Chester St Bakery, Alfred and Constance, Alfredo’s Pizzeria and Kwan Brothers. Just like its siblings, Doughnut Time is a hole lot of lovely located on Alfred Street in the ever-evolving hub of foodie awesomeness, Fortitude Valley. Merely operating out a hole in the wall (ironic, hey?) this little store is the artisan answer to the cries of doughnut lovers just like you and me. Specialising in hand-dipped doughnuts (swoon!) these sweet creations will have you falling in love at first bite. Open early and closing late, Doughnut Time also changes it’s menu regularly to keep well ahead of trends. With Instagram-worthy flavours like, Ya Bacon Me Crazy (maple glazed bacon) The Homer Simpson (pink glaze with Simpson-like sprinkles) The Russell Crowe (passionfruit and crushed meringue) The Butternut (burnt butter and pistachio) Veruca Salt (cinnamon stuffed with salted caramel) First You Twist It ( chocolate glaze and Oreo) and many many many more, the varieties on offer are seriously out of this world! Finger lickin’ fantastic to be honest. I found it extremely hard to choose which to try so I naturally went for a 6 pack (pictured below!) and they were just devine. A really great consistency with the dough and the ratio of icing to topping was also on point. Can we also just appreciate the super adorbs logo and packaging these guys have? Nailed it. Baked fresh throughout the day, you can also pre-order these outrageous treats so there is really no excuse to not try one. Trust me, your life WILL be changed.


Hold on, there’s more! Doughnut Time has also just revealed a super sweet mobile van named Barb. A revamped mint green 1965 Carapark Astronaut caravan complete with Hollywood show lights carrying the DT name, this super sweet vehicle will be popping up at festivals, parties and markets to take the delish doughnuts on the road for all to enjoy. Is there anything these guys haven’t thought of?! Too cool.

If you want to ensure a balanced diet (one donut in each hand that is!) there’s also a new player on the block, The Doughnut Bar. A little bit of un-healthy competition never hurts right?! I’m yet to check those guys out, so stay tuned on that one. I’ll have to try them to see how they stack up to DT..obviously.

I actually can’t wait for my next visit to Doughnut Time, I can taste that salted caramel/bacony/burnt butter/ Nutella/ goodness already! Mmmmmmmm. Oh and the doughnut shakes also look heavenly! I’ll have one of those too please.

Stay hungry,



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