Café Exploring | Little Loco


New Farm. It really is becoming a Brisbane brunchers dream suburb! In what once housed Raw Pawpaw now sits an equally as lovely eatery, Little Loco. I’m not going to lie, my heart broke a little when Raw Pawpaw left this earth but Little Loco is really everything you could ask for in a brunch spot and has fit in with the blossoming ‘burb beautifully. For starters, Little Loco blends healthy meals with hearty portion sizes and fresh flavour combinations that will blow your foodie mind. Secondly, you’ll fail to find prettier dishes than those that are served up in this little kitchen. Interested? Let me tell you more!

Making use of every inch of space, the fit-out at Little Loco is fresh and light, with clean lines and comfortable furniture. While seating is minimal inside, you’ll want too catch a glimpse of the stunning walls that are adorned with lush greenery, glass bottles and magazines. Simplistic styling at it’s finest! We nabbed a cosy seat inside but there are also some benches outside and a couple of small tables at the front of the store. Hues of white, natural brown and green make for a soothing and relaxing spot that you could quite easily while away the day in or read that journal article you have been putting off (I would totally have studied here in my Honours days!) or just spend a Monday the right way like we did having a belated birthday brunch.

You’ll find food to suit everyone at Little Loco with dishes ranging from gluten free and vegan to paleo. The menu design is stunning (plus an all day brekkie, can I get a hell yes?!) and had an excellent font choice. Nerdy I know, but I appreciate these things. As per usual, I had done a bit of foodie research before my visit but still the decision of what to order food-wise was painstakingly hard. With a menu this good can you blame me? In the end I went for the new sweet potato and pumpkin bruschetta on rye with beetroot hummus, kale, poached eggs and a sprinkling of dukkah. Wow. Wow.Wow. Just wow really. This flavour combo is a winner and that hummus was spectacular! Beautiful and earthy, complementing the sweet potato and creaminess of the egg to a tee.

little loco

Probably one of my fave breakfasts to date! My brunching partner went for the banoffee hotcakes which were light and fluffy sprouting heaps of plump blueberries in the cakes, drizzled lavishly with a rich caramel sauce and topped with slivered almonds, chia seeds, ricotta and more berries. Presented absolutely beautifully, these dishes really were a feast for the eyes as well as the stomach! I guess that’s what you get when you eat real food, every ingredient speaks for themselves. So artificial flavorings or colours required.

Little Loco also pours a stellar coffee from Fonzie Abbott Espresso and also stocks a range of smoothies that are dairy and refined sugar-free, such as peanut butter banana and salted caramel. You probably should also try their choc-mint creation packed with kale, cacao and chia. Want a super food coffee to wake you up? Little Loco also offers delicious Matcha lattes (yes, those green ones you have probably seen on Instagram!) packed with antioxidants. Is milk not your friend? No problem, Little Loco has lactose intolerants covered using a Bonsoy milk alternative.

So yes, you could very well say I’ve gone a little loco for Little Loco but once you try it I think you will too!

Stay hungry,



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