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Socrates… Plato… Aristotle… These are a few of Zeus’s forefathers. The guys at Zeus donʼt see the past, they see the future. A place where strangers are loved with a generosity of spirit, and where kindness is served up for all to share. Opa sarahsavours readers! A tad late but here none the less, I have something delicious to share that you need to know about. It’s a place called Zeus St Greek. Greek street food has made it’s way to Brisbane and trust me, you’re going to be salivating in no time.

With popular digs already established in Sydney, Zeus St Greek is just what it claims to be. Authentic Greek street food bought to the burb’s, no air travel required. The new kid on the Southbank block, Zeus is here to stay and people are already flocking to get a taste of the Med. he Zeus philosophy is simple – to use time-honoured methods and family recipes to make real food, with integrity, taste and freshness. Honoring Greek heritage, all  produce is sourced from people and families who care about what they put into the land whether they are harvesting olives or growing lambs. They are at the heart of the Zeus family.

Of course, the age old problem of deciding what to have when eating out was again in force at Zeus. How can you possibly choose with at least a dozen delicious pita options?! The menu features creative filled flat breads like the Stavros Stavrou- grilled haloumi with Aegean slaw, olive tapenade, caramelized onion, tzatziki, tomato and parsley or the Papou Niko – signature pork with Aegean slaw, caramelized onion, preserved lemon mayo and parsley. If you fancychips IN your pita, Zeus have you covered with the Uncle ‘Tzimmy’ Classic – signature pork or chicken with tomato, tzatziki, onion, paprika and chips, wrapped in pita. Hungry yet? Upon deciding we wanted a feast fit for a Greek god, I went for the lightly fried soft shell crab with Aegean slaw, preserved lemon mayo, caramelized onion, sweet chilli and coriander. OH MY ZEUS. This was best pita I have ever had. No word of a lie. The flavours jam packed in here were insane, bursting with freshness and that pita bread was out of this world. Everything just worked together. And don’t even get me started on the sides, namely the chips and salads. Where have these beauties been all my life?! Zeus do the perfect crisp chip tossed with creamy salty feta and earthy oregano. I would go back to Zeus for these alone. Sooooooooooooo good. We also ordered a salad ( you know to keep it a balanced meal!) of beetroot, walnuts, more feta and mint which was the perfect accompaniment to the pitas. Zingy, fresh and light- they nailed it!

Honestly, I can’t find much to fault about this place except it’s not closer to me so I can get my Greek fix every week! Don’t make Yiayia mad and hop down to Zeus and devour some heartfelt Greek street food right away. I promise you will love it, if not  IOU hazelnut honey puffs and then you will.

Stay hungry,



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