Café Exploring | Bayleaf


When you venture to Byron Bay you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to food. On my recent venture to New South Wales for Splendour in the Grass ( take me back please!) we of course had to stop and fuel up with some local loveliness. I did some pre-Splendour Insta stalking and we decided to try Bayleaf, a bustling little spot right in the heart of the Bay.

On a very busy (and I mean very,  there was waiting line for tables!) Saturday ( maybe it had something to do with Splendour being in town?!) we scored a spot on a wooden share table that instantly felt cool and adorned with plants. The boho and rustic charm is evident throughout the entire space with hanging pendant lights, hues of green brown and floating shelves nursing products and books for sale. Just my type of space! Seating spans from outside on the curbside ( a popular choice for people with pets and budding muso’s!) to an eclectic mix of small tables inside.  It’s going to sound cliche being in Byron but the vibe here was just so damn cool. With an open kitchen pumping out meals left right and centre, we were in a prime position to watch the chefs at work. I could see so much love and passion for what they were doing. Maybe because it was absolutely pumping inside or they were just as excited to get to Splendour as me? Either way, vibe was super cool.

Right, now you probably want to hear about the food. We started off with some drinks, a cappuccino for me and a juice for my brunching partner with lime, chia and apple. The chia seeds were suspended like little black pearls in the juice which looked super cool. Just what we needed to quench our thirst after a long drive from Brisvegas.


After perusing the adorbs menu on clipboards and facing my age old problem of what to order, I decided to go for the dukkah poached eggs which consisted of house made dukkah over organic sourdough with heirloom tomatoes, marjoram and buffalo mozzarella. This wasn’t just your ordinary eggs on toast though. Served up on lovely wooden circular board, the eggs were textbook poached, while the heirloom tomatoes were roughly chopped (Jamie O style!) and dressed with the most devine chardonnay vinegar. Insane! The sharpness of the vinegar compliment the sweet tomatoes beautifully. And if that didn’t seal the deal, the addition of lavender honey drizzle put the icing on the cake. Sooooooooooo good! The produce here was insane. So fresh and full of goodness, you could literally taste it!


Not going to lie, I want to go back just to eat my way through this menu..and all of the other fantastic spots in the area. So if you ever find yourself in Byron for a day trip or Splendour adventure like me, I highly recommend blissing out at Bayleaf- you won’t be disappointed!

Stay hungry,



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